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Who is Brenda Petrillo?  Not your average Jane.  Brenda is a self-starter.  She worked her way through the ranks of Corporate America by working her ass off to be the best in her field.  Brenda is a powerhouse fueled with 27 years of leadership, project and organizational change management experience across varying industries. She has a passion for solving complex problems and delivering results across a broad portfolio of technology areas. Brenda has demonstrated success in managing global teams with direct working experience in China and Singapore.  


As a Technical Director of the Project Management Office for Technology Infrastructure Services at Charles Schwab in Phoenix, AZ, she is often called upon to help organizations address complex problems and issues as the only Master Problem Solver Professional within the company.   





"From the first day I met Brenda at an Insights workshop I could see someone who had drive, passion and a heart for making things better wherever she works.  
The Transformation Program has been my first time to work on a professional level with her and it has been a real joy. As the Program Leader for Transformation, there's a lot on her shoulders but she always makes time to talk when we need to.

She's approachable, dependable and adds such a bright dynamic to whatever we are paired up with. Although Transformation is a team effort at it's heart - I can say that we wouldn't be anywhere near we are now without her support and drive.

Schwab is lucky to have someone like her here and I look forward to our future efforts together."
~Erik F



I am better today, than I was yesterday. I strive to be better tomorrow than I am today.




My life’s journey is to live life on purpose with integrity and empathy. I will be a positive force in the lives of others by helping people find hope after loss and serving as an inspirational leader using my gifts of intelligence, charisma and serial optimism.  I will live a fun, full, joyful and balanced life, constantly striving to be the best version of myself always and forever.


Led an infrastructure organization of 800+ people through an organizational design and transformation to change their operating system and ways of working to become more adaptive, fluid, and aligned with the market.

Led $60M Global Order Transformation Program to automate the computer replacement process for all PC's at end of lease (EOL) and end of purchase (EOW) covering US, CANADA, EMEA, LATAM, and APAC regions.  Resulting in, improved compliance by forcing adherence to standards through automation while also reducing variation and cost, as well as improving user replacement experience.  Expected $500K reduction in external supplier costs.  

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