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Passionately making a difference in the lives of others by helping to protect families, first responders, local business owners & employees from medical bankruptcy and financial hardship when the unexpected diagnosis, illness, accident, or injury happens. 
We exclusively represent the supplemental health programs offered by Globe Life Family Heritage Division.

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Brenda Petrillo, Founder at The Petrillo Agency representing Globe Life Family Heritage Division

Two-thirds of people in the US (66% or 217 million) who file for bankruptcy cite insurmountable medical bills as a key contributor to their financial downfall.  At The Petrillo Agency, we are passionately making a difference by educating families, first responders, and local business owners about the priceless value of having supplemental benefits for themselves, significant other, and children as a way to diversify their insurance portfolio, which offers financial protection over and above their major medical WHEN the unexpected diagnosis, illness, accident, or injury happens.

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At any age or stage in life, the unexpected should be expected. 
Supplemental Insurance is for YOU!
Some benefits include:

​Proudly Offering Five Best In Class Products
Cancer - Heart Attack/Stroke - Accident/Injury - ICU - Hospital Indemnity 
Physicals or blood draws are NOT required! 

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If you are a business owner, our products are especially beneficial to employers as they can help to mitigate workers comp claims, reduce employee turn-over, protect productivity levels, time lost and money spent on hiring and retraining.  By simply offering voluntary, individually owned benefits that will provide your employees with additional financial protection over and above their major medical at zero cost to you is an incredibly selfless way to help protect your team.

Proudly serving families, first responders, & local businesses