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Personality Profile

Career Cluster Inventory

Career Cluster Inventory is a tool to help narrow down career choices.  My top three career clusters are in alignment with my interests: Finance, Health Sciences, and Business Management & Administration.  Thinking back to high-school, I was on the business track because I was interested in pursuing Accounting as a profession.  As a young person, I wasn't in tune to myself; I didn't know what I wanted or where I belonged.  After high school, I spoke to a US Navy Officer about enlisting.  Although I never enlisted, our conversation is what drove me towards pursuing health sciences as a Physician Assistant.  After a couple years in college, I would make a choice that changed the course of my life forever.  I didn't know it at the time, but it was for the better.  Four years later, I started a career in Information Technology by accident.  After taking this assessment, I was not surprised to learn that Accounting and Health Sciences were in the top 2 and while the career I have today and continue to pursue is third on the list.  Specific areas that interest me in the top two clusters include:  Forensic Accounting, Insurance Underwriter, Practical Nurse, Nurse Anesthetists, Nurse Practitioner, and Physician Assistant.  For Business Management & Administration my interests include:  Business Executive, Project Manager, Regulatory Affairs Manager, Supply Chain Manager, and Purchasing Manager.  To view my results, click on the button below.

Interest Profiler

The Interest Profiler is used to assess my interests as a means to explore careers.  Interests are good to use because they can help find occupations that meet my interests, which will be more satisfying and rewarding than occupations that don't meet my interests.  I was surprise by the results because the instructions indicated to select what interests me regardless of pay and skillset.  Of course, my "pie in the sky" selections were based solely on interests.  For example, I would love act in a movie or sing for a band, but I don't have skills in either one of those areas.  My results were based the girl who wanted to be everything when she grew up from a race car driver to the President of the United States.   My Holland Code is 106 with Enterprising, Conventional, and Social being my top three. I believe I am on the right career path; however, if given the option I leveragemy skills and experience to pursue a different pathway such as Supply Chain Manager, Purchasing Manager, or Regulatory Affairs Specialist.  To view my results, click on the button below.



The Skill assessment identifies the skills I enjoy and identifies occupations that use those skills.  I found this assessment to be difficult because I had to choose skills that were very, moderately, and somewhat satisfying.  I was limited to five skills for very, ten skills for moderately, and 20 skills for somewhat and I only selected 18.  I found this assessment to be more accurate.  Through these assessments, I have noticed that Supply Chain Manager continues to show up as part of Business Management and Administration occupation. To view my results, click on the button below.

Work Locator


The Work Locator assessments identifies my work-related needs and provides a list of occupations that match my work values.  I found this assessment to be accurate based on the values I selected.  While I thrive in a challenging work environment, the fuel to my fire that keeps me going is recognition for my hard work and achievement; being able to see the results of my work.  Work conditions, relationships, support, and independence came up as my four remaining values. To view my results, click on the button below.

Strengths Finder


The Strength Finder 2.0 is an assessment tool to help people uncover their talents, identifies strengths, and provides strategies for applying one's strengths.  In June 2014, my Honeywell Mentor, Candice Baldwin gave me the book to read and the access code to take the assessment.  There are 34 Themes (i.e., strengths) and only five are identified as top strengths.  I am Achiever, Relator, Maximizer, Positivity, and Learner, which is spot on!   The output of the assessment provides me with a detailed overview of my strengths as well as an action plan. Until now, I never truly took the time to internalize the results.  To view my results, click on the button below.

Brain Test


The Psychtest, Brain Test is a series of questions to determine right-brain, left-brain dominance.  For fun, I took the free online test.  I always knew that I used both sides of my brain equally, but it was interesting to see that I was correct.  According to the results, my right and left hemisphere have reached a level of perfect harmony.   I find this more interesting than anything, but I also feel like these results explain why I have such broad interests and feel like there isn't anything I can't do.  My only limits to my abilities are "me".  To view my results, please click the button below.

Talent Today


TaletToday is a personality questionnaire to help identify unique assets, strengths and motivations which lead to a more fulfilling and successful career.  I am high in work ethic, ambition, and determination, and leading, taking responsibility, organization. To view my results, please click the button below.

Disc Personality Test


The DISC personality test helps to determine factors such as Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance which helps to predict behavior towards others and the everyday things.  My most dominant personality is influence at 34%.  Influence for me means leading by example.  Getting people to come to a realization on their own based on the information I’ve provided, or based on my behavior.  Influence also means inspiration; getting people motivated based on my actions, consistency, and demeanor. In my opinion, building relationships is key to influencing. To view my results, please click the button below.

Big 5


The Big Five factors of personality are five broad domains which define human personality and account for individual differences.  I am an extrovert by 91% and the next highest is conscientiousness at 66%.  I am outgoing, friendly, assertive, disciplined and well organized.  To view my results, please click the button below.

Jung Personality Test (ESFJ)


The Jung Personality Test is based on Carl Jung’s and Isabel Briggs Myers’ typological approach to personality.  I am Extravert (44%), Sensing (20%), Feeling (44%), Judging (30%). To view my results, please click the button below.

Keirsey Temperament


The Keirsey Temperament Sorter®-II (KTS®-II) is the most widely used personality instrument in the world.  According to Keirsey Temperament Theory, there are four basic temperament groups which describe human behavior. Keirsey’s four temperaments are referred to as Artisans™, Guardians™, Rationals™ and Idealists™. I am a Guardian (ESFJ – the Provider).  My life story and many of my discussion posts have talked about me being the one that everybody comes to for help.  I am a caregiver by nature because I was thrown in that role when I was 10 years old.  As a young child, I wanted to be able to financially provide for my family, which is what still drives me today at 43 years old.  I take pride in being the person that people can depend on and trust.  I am a fanatic about schedules and order, I am loyal, honest, and a rule follower.  To view my results, please click the button below.

Self-Reflection & Interviews With Significant Others


A thorough self-discovery interview process with significant others enabled me to reflect on perceptions regarding my strengths and opportunities for improvement with respect to contemporary leadership skills and sense of work-life balance.  My objective for these interviews was to learn more about myself (most of which I already knew). I am always interested to find out where I can improve.  Now, I have always been one to focus on my strengths and to continually improve them and not so much on my weaknesses. However, I want to be aware of my weaknesses so that I can leverage someone who is better at a particular skill than me, or simply improve myself if it’s in an area that will contribute to the betterment of me as a human being or contribute to the success of my career.  To read the interview and my findings, click on the button below.

Color Code Personalized Comprehensive Analysis


Color Code uses motive as the principal means of identifying personality. Motive is the innermost reason for your behavior and forms your innate personality.  My core color is BLUE which means I have a driving core motive of intimacy.  To read my results, click on the button below.  

Insights Discovery


The origins of personality theory can be tracked back to the fifth century BC, when Hippocrates identified four distinct energies exhibited by different people. The Insights System is built around the model of personality first identified by the Swiss Physiologists Carl Gustav Jung...  My energy profile is Red (Be Brief, Be Bright, Be Gone), Blue (Give Me the Details), Green (Show Me You Care, and Yellow (Involve Me). To read my results, click on the button below.  

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