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Professional Skills & Knowledge


Industry-leading Project & Organizational Change Leader with a passion for complex problem-solving delivering results across a broad portfolio of technology and business areas. Demonstrated success in managing global teams and staff with direct working experience in China and Singapore.  Exceptional servant leader with a strong ability to empathize and communicate effectively with diverse groups of people with differing views and perspectives. Experience as a mixed media artist lends itself to leading effective meetings, workshops, or events as a graphic facilitator and/or recorder. 

Project Management & Governance


  • Led the development and released structured project management waterfall and agile processes, procedures, and templates to institutionalize project management best practices and standards. 

  • Performed as an SME for PMO Project Delivery assessments and gap analyses to ensure governance and quality management activities were consistent, which resulted in identified risks to non-conformance and recommendations for compliance standards and rigor. 

  • Conducted account audits on process and execution for troubled or at-risk programs in the areas of Organizational, Engineering, Human Resource, and Project Management Definition and Performance and provided recommended remediation plans.

  • Provided leadership and industry expertise to drive continuous improvement to optimize the PMO function and processes by creating a strategy to improve, drive maturity and alignment with business strategy. 

  • Led the strategic development and execution of an integrated PMO Project Change Management process to add rigor, controls visibility to project changes by which reduced project delinquency rates from 37% to 14% in 4-months.

  • Developed and implemented an integrated PMO Project Phase Gate process, which improved project pass rate from 65% to 95%.

  • Developed multi-tier project management certification and career development programs to better align PM resources to project complexity categorization of project levels to minimize project risk and improve the probability of project success.  

  • Developed resource management and forecasting strategies to optimize support for projects by employing a PMO Managed Service flex and surge model to meet high demand needs that could not be filled with internal resources. 

  • Leveraged Six Sigma and Lean best practices to develop a managed service on-boarding process and procedure for creating profile worker classification and profile for issuing employee identification (EID), which has improved the turn-around time from five days to three days.

  • Led the development and execution of a Project Cost Workbook to aid Project Managers through cost management activities.

  • Created compelling business cases for multiple audiences including C-level executives.

  • Proficient with vendor selection methodology (i.e., RFI, RFP, eAuction, BAFO processes as well as SOW) development and execution.

  • Adopted the hiring requisition process and workforce operations.  Completed an assessment of current-state, customized a workforce planning tool specific to the organization’s needs, improved requisition process, guided the leadership team in aligning with corporate headcount planning, and partnered with finance to stay aligned with financial labor commitments, which resulted in proactively tracking and managing headcount, ultimately finishing the year on plan. 

Transformation & Organizational Change Management

  • Led an infrastructure organization of 700+ people through an organizational design and transformation to create the context, space, inspiration, and a path to New Ways of Working (NWoW) and organizing that unlocks potential and performance by removing many of the barriers and management styles of the past and bring them into line with a multigenerational workforce. 

  • Led an Operational Transformation using the Galbraith STAR model (Strategy, Structure & Linkages, Processes, Metrics and Rewards, People) to identify gaps and classify recommendations and actions for implementation across five Center IT Enterprise towers. 

  • Integrated Perot Systems Organizational Change Management (OCM) processes into all project management plans with the goal to minimize disruptions to the business, accelerate implementation, and optimize people performance levels; specifically, Picture Archiving Communication Systems (PACs) Implementations. 

IT Infrastructure


  • Leveraged previous asset management experience from Entergy Utility to successfully lead a $60M Global Order Transformation Program to automate the computer replacement process for all PC's at end of lease (EOL) and end of purchase (EOW) covering US, CANADA, EMEA, LATAM, and APAC regions.  Resulting in, improved compliance by forcing adherence to standards through automation while also reducing variation and cost, as well as improving user replacement experience. Resulted in a $500K reduction in external supplier costs. 

  • Successfully led cross-functional matrix teams responsible for Local Area Network (LAN), Wide-Area Network (WAN), and Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) scalable network infrastructure upgrades, deployments, and migrations.

  • Migrated 1237 remaining sites/endpoints from a private point-to-point network to a dual carrier (AT&T and Verizon) Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) public network; resulting in a successful migration of 18 American Express merchant servicing sites globally.

  • Assisted with conducting ITIL Critical Practice Service Management best practice gap analyses to identify service gaps in current infrastructure and application environments.


Healthcare IT & Finance


  • Led digital imaging Cardiology and Radiology PACS planning and implementation for 19 Dignity Health (formerly Catholic Healthcare West) facilities spanning Arizona, California, and Nevada.

  • Led the integration of Health Level-7 protocol (HL7) interfaces, RIS/HIS integrations, long-term archive solutions, and voice recognition solutions. 

  • Successfully led cross-functional matrix teams accountable for EMR Infrastructure Alliance Program encompassing facility site assessments, network implementations, end-user device refreshes, and net-new device deployments for an estimated 9500 client-owned devices and equipment in 31 hospitals in 17 regions. 

  • Successfully led cross-functional matrix teams accountable for Patient Management & Accounting System migrations which included direct responsibility for a combined~$5M capital and operating T&M budget and monthly P & L invoice reconciliation.

  • Relocated to Asia-Pac for a twelve-month assignment to serve as a consultant to promote Perot System’s Project Management and Clinical Transformation Methodologies’. Resulted in winning a ~$25M strategic partnership with Microsoft and Inter-systems for the planning and implementation of Microsoft Amalga Health Information System (HIS) at various hospitals in China and Singapore.


Information Security


  • Developed and established Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solutions, password management solutions, & strong two-factor authentication program for laptop users by integrating key fob technology, hard-disk encryption and Virtual Private Network (VPN) implementations.

  • Established and successfully led an enterprise-wide Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Certificate Authority (CA) system implementation to authenticate ~3000 employees, which included the deployment of 3000 USB digital tokens and enablement of digital signing.

  • Developed and implemented an automated password management solution that empowered users to change and reset passwords reducing the number of calls to the help desk, which resulted in an estimated 40% reduction in help desk call volume and a savings of ~$120k per year.

  • Developed and established information security awareness training programs. 

Artifact Highlights

Written by Brenda Petrillo

Communication is the common thread throughout organizations.  It is the leading cause to success or failure. In my professional opinion, poor communication is seemingly one of the biggest pandemics in organizations that must be overcome.  It starts with our leaders and then filtrates throughout the organization like a terminal cancer.  If your organization is struggling to transform, here’s why. 

True story ... I was excited about an upcoming face to face interview for a PMO Director role with a local medical device company.  I learned they needed to integrate their Design Control Process with a PMO framework.  In Petrillo fashion, I took it upon myself to study FDA's Design Control regulations for Medical Device Manufacturers.  Then, I developed and presented a DRAFT framework, which included a presumed As Is process, I/O Process or SIPOC, and a proposed PMO Framework to tie it all together. Turned out, they loved it! Unfortunately, the company was acquired and the position I interviewed for was put on hold until further notice.  Click the button, to review the design control process I drafted.

One of a project’s critical success factors can be attributed to fully defined Business Requirements.  According the Standish Group, 13.1% of projects fail because of incomplete requirements.  According to IBM, doing a good job with requirements can save your organization a fortune. Click the button to read, "Developing Business Requirements".

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.  No matter how carefully a project is planned, anything that can go wrong will go wrong, especially if a project is not managed properly.  There are numerous reasons why projects fail; the number of reasons can be endless.  Click the button to read the article, "Five Reasons Why Project's Fail".

Honeywell's Process Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) and Suppler Service Level Agreements (SLA's) were not linked to measure end-to-end service performance through the Value Chain, which consisted of Service Design & Deployment, Service Operations, and Customer Engagement. Using Six Sigma best practices and tools, a solution was to create a Service Measurement Framework for Service Owners to effectively measure service performance.  Click on the button to read the final presentation delivered to executives as part of my Green Belt certification.

As a Project Management SME, I conducted a comprehensive audit of the Moody's Transition Program in 2008 on behalf of Perot Systems.  The focus of the audit was on process and execution in the areas of Transition, Data Center Migration, and Project Management Methodology.  Click on the button to review details of the findings and suggested action plans.

I attended the University of San Francisco while I was living and working in California.  As part of the program, I took a Life Experiences course.  I had to write a series of autobiographical papers from my personal to professional life.  As part of the course, I wrote a paper about management and supervision, the principles and techniques I learned through experience, formal study, and observation of other managers.  The paper was submitted (as part of Portfolio of writings) on January 15, 2003.   To read my paper, click on the button below.

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2010 - present

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