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I started my career by accident 27 years ago in telecom as a customer care consultant and I loved it! I worked hard and the right people noticed. As a result, I started managing call center data system (DCRIS/CAMS) migrations and specialized in Rockwell's Business Processes and the Spectrum Integrated Call Center System.  Fortunately, I became intimately familiar with call center operations.  It was that opportunity when I realized my passion for IT, project management, and customer relations.  


With my new found passion, I set some lofty goals for myself to achieve in 5 years by age 30, which included becoming an expert in network engineering, working in various industries managing IT projects, a six-figure salary, and a job at Adobe Systems.  Ask me about how I did...


I am a purpose-oriented, performance-driven professional and a lot of fun to be around.  There isn't anything that I can't accomplish!  



Personally, I am a lover of life!  And, it got a heck of lot more fun when I found the greatest love of my life and married him in 2010.  Together, we have five amazing poodles (don't judge) and live life full. Living a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition and exercise is very important to me. I am an athlete, food aficionado, closet writer, a professional mixed media artist (IG: missblueiz), and a Reiki Master.  As a lover of life, I have respect for those nearing the end of theirs.  As an End of Life Doula, I companion and serve people through transition and soul ascension.  I enjoy taking on athletic challenges such as training for Spartan, The Tough Mudder, half-marathons, duathlons, centuries, hiking adventures, figure competitions, ... but secretly fears of being dead last. 


On the weekends, I can be found with the hub's taking a quick getaway, hiking Camelback or Flat Iron, on some crazy adventure, up to my eyeballs in paint, relaxing at home, or hanging with friends at a local hot spot in central Phoenix, Arcadia, or Gilbert. 


Me and My Art.jpg
My Art.jpg



Program & Project Management (Waterfall, Scrum, Lean)

Transformational Leadership & People Management

Socialization Accountability Leader 

Organizational Change Management

Disciplined Strategic & Annual Operating Planning

Strategic Workforce Planning & Operations

Organizational Transformation

Fearless Graphic Facilitation & Recording

Creative Design Conversationalist

Mad Problem-solving Skills / Fixer Upper

Process Design & Improvement

Financial & Budget Management

Vendor Selection Methodology & Relations

Franchise Business Owner

Experimenter and Empathy Superpowers




Active Listener

Achiever, Relator, Maximizer, Positivity, Learner

Complex Problem Solver

Cognitive Flexibility

Critical Thinker

Dedicated Team Player

Execution Warrior ("doer")

Efficient Traveler

Emotionally Intelligent

Extrovert, Sensing, Feeling, Judging (ESFJ)

Inspirational & Honorable

Highly Productive Virtual Worker

Right-brain, Left-Brain Harmonized

Self-Directed Sense of Humor

Sound Judgment & Decision-making

To learn more about my personality, check out my profile.

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